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Local History

Local History

Discover more about your own local history. Research your town or village, what's in a name and what A photo can reveal.

Our friends at The History Van can't currently deliver events at the museum and so are bringing history to you at home. Their Local History Newsletter includes war memorials, then and now photo's and plenty of hands on activities to keep children entertained whilst learning all about history on your doorstep.

Why not write a letter to an older member of your family, or even to a local
care home with older residents. Ask them questions about what your town or
village was like when they were your age. If you are writing to a local care
home, include a stamp addressed envelope and you might get a reply!

Why not make a time capsule about you, your family, and what is happening at
the moment. You could use an old plastic bottle or a tin.

What could you include? A letter? A photograph? A printout of the newspaper headlines?

What would you want someone from the future to know about what is happening today?

Last updated on 28 April 2020