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The Vikings

The Vikings

The Vikings came from three countries of Scandinavia - Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They travelled to many countries in Europe and first came to England in about 800AD.

They are often only seen as violent sea raiders and although there were many attacks which were often brutal, many settled in the countries they visited. The Vikings were farmers, traders, craftspeople and explorers as well as warriors.

The History Van have created a Viking Newsletter which includes plenty of hands on activities to keep children entertained whilst learning all about the Vikings at home. 

Why not have a go at designing your own Viking shield? Or have a go at some of these other Viking themed activities:

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Viking weaving activity PDF (PDF 954 KB)
Find your Viking name PDF (PDF 85 KB)
Rune alphabet activity PDF (PDF 280 KB)
Design a Viking shield PDF (PDF 315 KB)
Vikings Newsletter PDF (PDF 565 KB)

Last updated on 29 June 2022