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World War Two

World War Two

Discover more about the Second World War. What to take into the shelter, how to use Morse Code and how many rations you were allowed.

Our friends at The History Van can't currently deliver events at the museum and so are bringing history to you at home. Their Second World War Newsletter includes Incendiary Bombs, Andersen Shelters, Morse Code and Rationing. Plenty of hands on activities to keep children entertained whilst learning all about the Second World War.

Ww2 With Logo

You will need the Andersen Shelter template or if you don't have a printer you could use a cardboard box of any size to design and create one of your own.

Can you design the inside? Your design could be similar to the 1940s OR you could design one for the modern age.

Many people were required to carry gas masks around with them, have a go at making your own mini gas mask box.

The Spitfire was a plane used during WW2 and played a crucial role in winning the Battle of Britain, have a go at making your own Spitfire.

There are more WW2 themed activities for you to have a go at on the VE Day page.

Last updated on 31 December 2020