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Felt Owl Cotton Bag

Felt Owl Cotton Bag

Felt Owl Cotton Bag

Felt Owl craft


One of our museum assistants has come up with a creative way to customise your own cotton bag.

This activity can be adapted depending on the age of your children. Older children may enjoy sewing the owl onto the bag whilst younger children can glue the pieces on.

Use our template to create your own owl or let your imagination run wild and invent your own designs.



Instructions on how to craft the felt own cotton back

  1. print the pattern below and cut out
  2. pin onto the fabric and carefully cut out the shapes, you should have 1 body, 2 eyes, 2 wings and 1 triangle beak
  3. glue around the edge of the body and stick onto the middle of the cotton bag
  4. glue around the edge of the wings and stick onto the sides of the body
  5. glue the circles onto the owl and the triangle for the beak underneath
  6. finally glue the buttons onto the circle of fabric to make the eyes

The instructions document is below with the cutouts available on the last page.

Felt Owl Cotton Bag Craft Instructions PDF (PDF 410 KB)

Have fun!

Last updated on 12 September 2023