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Is you brain ready? Have a go at one of our quizzes and test your knowledge.

Practice makes perfect and the more times you do them you will get better, before long you'll be getting full marks!

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Extraordinary women
Each of these women did extraordinary things in their time, take the quiz to find out more.
Crimes in Chesterfield
Act as a judge and decide on what punishment the culprit should receive
School tests
Have exams got easier?
Medieval medicine matching game
Test your knowledge and find out some of the unusual cures used for common illnesses during Medieval times
Victorian inventions
Do you know how much the Victorians did for us? Take our quiz to find out more.
Ten green bottles
Mineral water and soft drinks producers were located throughout the Chesterfield area between 1850 and the 1980s
Wartime shopping challenge
Many foods were rationed during the Second World War. See if you can buy all the things you need.
Iconic Buildings
Iconic Buildings Quiz
Timeless Toys
Timeless Toys Quiz,
Georgian guesswork
Have a go at working out which objects are from the 18th century

Last updated on 03 March 2021