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Treatment Begins - The very dusty painting

Treatment Begins - The very dusty painting

Treatment Begins - The very dusty painting

The conservation treatment started and the first thing we needed to do was to clean this very dusty painting. The painting was covered by lots of dust and dirt which was not only on the surface but also inside the gap between the canvas and the stretcher.

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The bottom edge was the filthiest area and we even found several pieces of broken stretcher keys and nail fragments stuck inside, which could harm the painting with their sharp edges.

Take a look at what we found and what we did to clean it!

During cleaning, several tools were used, including a long and flexible feather, different sizes of brushes, a museum vacuum cleaner, a plastic scraper and a lot of smoke sponges.

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The smoke sponge is a soft natural rubber sponge which can be cut to suitable angles and sizes to help remove residual deposits of dust, soot and other soiling on canvas fibres.

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Let’s see how different it is after dry cleaning...

3 8 During Dry Cleaning3 9 After Dry Cleaning

Last updated on 22 August 2023