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Object of the month

Object of the month

Each month we choose an object that hasn’t been on display before to showcase in our Object of the Month display case.

We often relate the object to the time of the year. Our object of the month in November 2016 was a ceramic poppy from the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red poppy exhibition at Windsor Castle.

A photograph of Chesterfield Town Cricket Team in 1902 showcased during the Chesterfield Festival of Cricket in July. We chose a pair of Victorian ladies’ ice skates for January 2018.

Did you know that March is the time that barn owls start their breeding season? To celebrate this, our object of the month in March 2019 was a William Gordon pottery owl.

Sometimes we showcase new objects such as George Stephenson’s laboratory air pump, and sometimes we choose an item related to an exhibition such as the bust of Shakespeare, created by Terracotta Potteries of Chesterfield, which was on show during our Tudors exhibition.

To make it easier to browse, we’ve split our objects into years but we’ve only included the best of the best on the website.

 Photographs are great, but it’s always best to come and see the actual item. You can often vote for the object you want to see on our Facebook page, where you can find other objects from our collection.

Last updated on 14 May 2020