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Donkey Racecourse

Donkey Racecourse

This photograph shows children enjoying donkey rides at Queen’s Park, Chesterfield as part of the ‘Holidays at Home’ scheme.


Council minutes from 1942 record:

‘That, subject to a satisfactory report being received as to the condition of six donkeys offered to the committee…these donkeys, complete with  saddles, etc., be purchased for the sum of £10 each.’

From band concerts to Punch and Judy shows, cricket matches to gymkhana dances, Chesterfield had a variety of activities and events on offer during the summer months.

Many of us take our summer holidays next to the sea, but it was a very different story more than 70 years ago.

During the Second World War, restrictions were placed on domestic travel and holidays. This meant that holidays at the seaside were no longer possible for many people, especially those who lived in the Midlands.

The government instead introduced the ‘Holidays at Home’ scheme from 1942. This involved  local councils arranging a programme of events in the local area for those unable to take their usual seaside trip.

Last updated on 30 April 2021