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Peacock Centre

Peacock Centre

This is a model of one of the oldest buildings in Chesterfield.

Peacock Centre  Peacocks Coffee Lounge

Built around 1500, it remained hidden behind a plaster façade as the Peacock Inn pub for over a century until archaeological work in the 1970s, revealed its history.

There is archaeological evidence suggesting that there were earlier medieval buildings on that site which were perhaps replaced by this one. A larger building when originally built, and it is believed to have originally been the home of the Revell family who were wealthy merchants. When the Revells moved to Carnfield Hall, the building was split into tenements for let.

This timber framed building was fully restored in 1978-9 as part of the redevelopment of the Pavements area, retaining as much of the original features as possible. In 1981 it became the Tourist Information Centre or Peacock Centre. In 2002 the Information Centre moved to Rykneld Square and the building became a café.

Last updated on 15 March 2021