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Additional 'Chesterfield' verse to the national anthem

Additional 'Chesterfield' verse to the national anthem

In December 1843 Queen Victoria visited the Midlands on a nine day tour. The itinerary included stops at Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Belvoir Castle, Lichfield Cathedral, Coventry and Leicester.


Such tours were one way in which the young queen was able to demonstrate a concern for and an interest in her subjects in the growing industrial and urban areas outside London.

The 1843 tour was also notable in that it was the first of such visits to be conducted via train. New advances in rail technology enabled the queen to travel relatively rapidly between locations. The National Anthem was played as the train conveying the royal party approached the stations.

The ephemera above is dated 1st December 1843, the day Queen Victoria arrived at Chesterfield on her way to Chatsworth to stay with the Duke of Devonshire. The page shows an ‘additional stanza’ relating to Chesterfield, especially written for the arrival of the monarch. Unfortunately, we are unlikely ever to hear this verse sung again!

Last updated on 18 July 2019