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Brougham's 'reform cordial' stoneware flask

Brougham's 'reform cordial' stoneware flask

This stoneware ‘reform’ flask dates from around 1831-34. Reform flasks were made during first decades of the 19th century to commemorate important political figures related to the reform of parliament.

Brougham Flask

This flask depicts Lord Brougham in his legal attire as a lawyer, wearing a robe and wig. He was a great campaigner against slavery and was instrumental in bringing about the 1832 Reform Act.

The Act reformed the voting system in Britain, getting rid rotten boroughs (villages that had once been large towns able to elect an MP) and increasing the number of constituencies to include emerging cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. The number of people who could vote was also increased.

Last updated on 19 July 2019