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WW1 remembrance quilt

WW1 remembrance quilt

This quilt was made by Mrs Knowles and her daughters, who were seamstresses, to commemorate the death of their son and brother in the First World War.

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The quilt is decorated with cigarette packet silks of flags and military emblems.Making quilts to mark important events, such as births and marriages, or to commemorate a life and become an item of remembrance is a custom which is found all over the world.

Quilting is a communal activity and generally involves the joint effort and work of women from a family or a community gathering.

The making of the remembrance quilt displayed here must have been an act of mutual grieving for Mrs Knowles and her two daughters. A way to express their love for their lost son and brother and also a way to cope with his death.

Last updated on 18 July 2019