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Objects of the Month 2018

Objects of the Month 2018

Early in 2018, we commemorated the 100th anniversary of votes for women, with some items belonging to Gladys Jones, the sister of Winifred Jones, the famous suffragette and activist for women’s rights.

In September 2018 our object was an attendance card and a bible from the Ragged School. The bible has an inscription to Elsie Elliott for her attendance and  cleanliness of card.

Pottery making was big business in Chesterfield and we often include pottery items in our Object of the Month displays. In 2018, we showcased sprig moulds which were used to create decorative additions to ceramics. What else would we show in March but hares!

Browse through the highlights of our Object of the Month items displayed in 2018 and remember that you can find other objects from our collection on the Museum Facebook page.

Last updated on 30 March 2023