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Gladys Jones shoes

Gladys Jones shoes

These shoes belonged to Gladys Jones (1878 – 1953). Gladys is often referred to as Gwen Jones as her pen name was Gwen John.

Gladys Jones Shoes
Gladys lived at Spital Lodge, Chesterfield. She was the sister of Winifred Jones - the famous suffragette and activist for women’s rights – and was an enthusiastic supporter of the Women’s Suffrage movement.

Around the turn of the century Gladys Jones was also a student of the artist Joseph Syddall.

During her life, Gladys Jones was a biographer (Queen Elizabeth), an actress and a playwright (A Land of Lost Roads, Gloriana).

In 1912 the Derbyshire Courier, carried an article with the headline, Chesterfield Lady’s Banned Play’. This article reported that the play ‘Edge o’ Dark’ by Gwen John was banned because it was ‘the work of the a Chesterfield suffragist!’

Last updated on 19 July 2019