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Plaster sprig moulds

Plaster sprig moulds

These two sprig moulds detail a running hare underneath a tree and another against a landscape background.

Sprig Moulds

They are both from the Fuller Collection of sprig moulds which originate from Barker Pottery, Brampton, c.1840s.

Sprig moulds are used to create decorative additions to ceramics, like flowers, animals, geometric shapes, and more. Sprig moulds can also be used to create handles and feet, producing perfect reproductions every time.
To use a sprig mould, an evenly-rolled slab of clay needs to be pressed into the mould. Sprig moulds could be made from wood, plaster or ceramic forms. The material used to make the mould will effect how well the sprig is released. For instance, plaster sprig moulds would generally release clay immediately.

Last updated on 19 July 2019