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DMA Chairman’s Chair

DMA Chairman’s Chair

In October 2019 we saw Chesterfield Museum’s brilliant  exhibition ‘Down t’Pit’, which all about the history of mining in Chesterfield. To mark the start of the exhibition we thought this chair would be the perfect Object of the Month.


On the back of this chair there is the monogram DMA.  This stands for ‘Derbyshire Miners’ Association’.  

Set up in 1880, this trade union provided support and a voice for local coal miners until 1945 when it effectively became the Derbyshire Area of the National Union of Mineworkers. 

This is the chair that was used by the chairman at meetings held at the Derbyshire Miners’ Association Offices, on Saltergate, a building easily recognisable by the statues of local miners’ union leaders Harvey and Haslam which stand outside.  

We don’t know precisely when the chair was made but we believe it was around 1893, when the Derbyshire Miners Association Offices were built.

Last updated on 02 April 2021