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Pancheon, Albion Pottery, Brampton

Pancheon, Albion Pottery, Brampton

This beautifully big pancheon, from our collections, was chosen by Facebook poll as our November object of the month, and what a festive link it has to Stir-up Sunday. It was made at Albion Pottery, Brampton, Chesterfield in the late nineteenth century. 

Pancheon 19962726

Pancheons were versatile bowls - a must in every kitchen - used for all kinds of tasks. Chiefly, breadmaking and cheesemaking but also for preparing large mixtures for generous bakes. 

A centuries old tradition many families still follow is Stir-up Sunday. This is the last Sunday before advent (usually the last in November) and the time to start ‘stirring up’ (making) that Christmas pudding, Christmas Cake or mincemeat.

Christian traditions say all mixtures should be stirred from East to West (like the journey of the Wise Men) or that the Christmas bake should include 13 ingredients (one for Jesus, 12 more for the disciples). 

A more well-known tradition is the lucky coin which is added at the ‘stir-up’ stage of a Christmas pudding and will later bring good fortune to whoever might find it.

Can you imagine the giant Christmas pudding a stir-up in this bowl could make?

Pancheons were even used for washing, being particularly useful for soaking smalls. 


Last updated on 14 May 2021