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William Gordon owl figurine

William Gordon owl figurine

William Gordon was born in St Petersburg in 1905. His mother was Russian and his father Scottish. The family returned to Scotland in 1913 due to his father’s ill health.

However, when his father passed away and William’s maternal grandparents left Russia in 1917 - to escape the aftermath of the Revolution - the family moved to London.

 Owl Figurine

William started to develop his love of ceramics around this period due to his frequent visits to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Even though he went to Oxford to study History and Languages, he was determined to follow his passion for sculpture, metalwork and pottery.

It was an interest in producing white salt glaze that brought William to Chesterfield in the 1930s. William Gordon joined the Briddon Pottery and was supported in his efforts by the owners, Plowrights.

His approach to pottery was that of a designer rather than a practical potter and so he began to refine the production of white salt glaze, making more delicate and decorative articles like, bowls, vases, lamp bases and figures.After the war, the pottery business was re-established on a new site (in Old Whittington) and William’s experiments with colour and detail were continued.

This owl figurine is just one of the beautiful William Gordon items held in the collection.

Last updated on 11 May 2020