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July - Roman Samian bowl (1st-2nd century AD)

July - Roman Samian bowl (1st-2nd century AD)

Roman Samian bowl (1st-2nd century AD)

Chesterfield was once the site of a Roman fort and although no visible remains can be found in the town, several Roman discoveries have been unearthed over time, including this Samian Ware bowl which was found during excavations on Spa Lane in 1976. 

Samian Ware was the equivalent of today’s fine china and the most commonly used high quality pottery from the Roman era. The majority found in Britain was produced in France, but some also originated from Colchester, however, the clay from here was inferior and resulted in lower-quality ceramics so they quickly died out due to unpopularity.

The intricate designs found on the bowl were created by pressing the clay into moulds, setting it onto a wheel and then drawing the bowl upwards. As the clay dried it shrunk off the mould so it was easily removed, then the base was added, the whole thing dipped in slip, dried and then finally placed in the kiln for firing.

Last updated on 04 July 2023