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March - Victorian Stoneware water filter made by Lipscombe

March - Victorian Stoneware water filter made by Lipscombe

Victorian Stoneware Water Filter made by Lipscombe 

Lipscombe and Co. were the largest manufacturers of water filters throughout the 1800’s and provided those who could afford it with a method to safely remove harmful bacteria from their drinking water.

Cholera outbreaks of the early nineteenth century wreaked havoc on the British population and were a cause of great fear so when the first water filters were manufactured in London during the 1840’s they were widely received.

The filters worked by passing unclean water through charcoal which would absorb any harmful bacteria (not unlike many modern water filters) which meant that the polluted water from the town’s pump could be made safe to drink.

The ceramic cases for the filters were produced by the potteries in Brampton, Chesterfield and by 1860 Lipscombe and Co had their own pottery in the area dedicated to manufacturing these marvellous devices.

Last updated on 30 March 2023