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Chesterfield museum and art gallery

Chesterfield's rich historical heritage is explored in the town's museum and art gallery. Taking the story of Chesterfield as its theme, the museum shows how the town has become the place it is today.

The museum tells the story of Chesterfield from its origins as a Roman fort to the present day. It is located in the Stephenson Memorial Hall, built in 1879 as a mechanics institute, and named in honour of the town's most famous Victorian resident, railway pioneer George Stephenson.

A programme of exhibitions and events is planned throughout 2018, a full list is available here

The Chesterfield museum and art gallery is located in Chesterfield town centre - get directions here.

Revolution House

Did you know that a thatched cottage in the village of Old Whittington hides a secret?

Visit Revolution House and find out how it was involved in a plot to overthrow King James II.

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Last updated on 07 April 2019