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Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes

Memories are so important to who we are and our Memory Boxes are a wonderful way of reminding older people about their past. The objects in our boxes help people to connect to their memories and talk about their life. This can be a great help to people who are living with dementia.

Borrowing a reminiscence box

Our memory boxes can be loaned from the museum for a small fee of £5 per week (not including delivery)

We have a range of memory boxes covering the following topics:

  • Dressed to Impress - memories of dressing up and going out. 
  • Going Shopping - good for reminiscing about buying food in local shops.
  • Holidays - holidays in the past at the seaside and abroad. 
  • In the Garden - rekindling memories of time spent outdoors. 
  • In the Kitchen - memories of home cooking.
  • Our Working Life - recall time at work including local companies.
  • Sweet Dreams - remembering magical moments in the sweet shop. 
  • Time for Tea - memories of teatime with the family. 
  • Us Kids - childhood memories.
  • What We Did for Fun

Please contact Chesterfield Museum (01246 345727 or for more information and availability

Our Working Life

Last updated on 16 July 2018