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Revolution House

Revolution House

This pretty thatched cottage in the village of Old Whittington hides a secret – it was part of a plot to overthrow a king.

Revolution House exterior

In 1688, three local noblemen – the Earl of Devonshire, the Earl of Danby and Mr John D'Arcy – met at Whittington disguised as a hunting party, to begin planning their part in the overthrow of James II. A rainstorm sent them seeking shelter at the Cock and Pynot alehouse.

Now known as Revolution House, it is a free public museum.

There is a display of 17th century furniture, a video on the Revolution of 1688 and a programme of special events through the summer. A full list of special events can be found here

An exhibition exploring the history of the House will be on display throughout the summer.

Revolution House interior

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Last updated on 04 April 2019