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Dog control

Dog control

Dog control orders for Eastwood Park Hasland

With the re-opening of the Heritage Lottery funded Eastwood Park, Hasland, new methods to control dogs in the park have been approved.

After a number of complaints regarding boisterous dogs causing unrest to other park users, new control measures will be introduced to improve the experience and potentially the safety of park users.

There are three dog control orders for different areas of the park. These can be summarised as follows:

  1. Dog exclusion – this order requires dogs to be kept out of the childrens play area (coloured red on the plan)
  2. Dogs on leads – this order requires that dogs are kept on a lead in sensitive areas of the park, such as the wildlife garden and tennis courts (coloured yellow on the plan)
  3. Dogs on leads by direction – this order applies across the rest of the park. Dog walkers are required to put their dog on a lead when asked to by a council officer. This could happen in instances where a dog is interfering with other people's enjoyment of the park, or when events are being held in the grounds (coloured blue on the plan).

Please see link below to the public press notice for the dog control order.

Dogs Exclusion Order Eastwood Park 2013 (pdf 51 KB)
Dogs on Leads Order Eastwood Park 2013 (pdf 45 KB)
Dogs on Leads by Direction Order Eastwood Park 2013 (pdf 49 KB)
Dog Control Order Eastwood Park Public Press Notice (pdf 60 KB)

The fixed penalty for breaching a dog control order is £50.00. The fixed penalty for failing to pick up dog feces under the borough-wide dog control order will remain at £80.00.

Eastwood Park Dog Control Orders 2013

Last updated on 27 October 2016