Events in our parks

Events in our parks

If you or your organisation would like to hold an event in one of our parks, you need to get permission from us first.

You will need to:

  • complete and return an event booking form
  • provide documentation for your event (such as a risk assessment, public liability insurance and an event plan)
  • agree to, and comply with, our terms and conditions

If your event is likely to attract more than 500 people you will need to fill in a model event plan.

If you are planning to organise a large scale event please inform the Derbyshire Events Safety Advisory Group (DESAG). Please submit basic details of your event to the DESAG by completing the event notification form.

To find out more please call our Green spaces development team leader on 01246 345123 or email

Park event booking form Word (Word 749 KB)
Park event terms and conditions of hire PDF (PDF 175 KB)

Other things to think about

If you plan to serve alcohol or provide entertainment at your event you may need a temporary event notice. A temporary event notice allows you to carry out activities that would normally need a licence and is intended for small scale, occasional events.

You might be holding a prize draw, bingo or other form of gambling at your event. See our gambling page for more details about permissions you may need.

Our noise pages give lots of useful information about how you might inadvertently cause a nuisance to neighbouring homes during your event, such as from loud music, fireworks etc.

If your event involves food and drink you will need to register with us - find out more here. You might also like to contact our Food Safety team for advice about preparing and serving food safely.

Organised events in our parks

We run a variety of activities and programme of events in our parks throughout the year. See our news section for updates, like us on Facebook or or follow us on Twitter.

Last updated on 23 March 2020