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Football applications

Football applications

Application for hire of football pitch – 2014/15 season

Ensure that you fully complete and sign the football application form. A separate application form must be completed for each team that you are promoting.

Application forms that are not completed correctly will be returned and only accepted once completed fully. Only application forms that have been hand signed and sent into the council will be accepted. You should not send this application form via email with an electronic signature; it will not be accepted.

Forward all completed application forms to:

Daniel Watson
(Football Application)
Environmental Services
Green Spaces Team
CBC Depot
Old Brickworks Lane
S41 7LF

Applications will be considered and pitches allocated to clubs who have not breached terms and conditions of hire from previous years.

It is imperative that Chesterfield Borough Council draws the following issues to your attention.

1. Authorised Signatory – In signing the application form it is then the individual who becomes personally liable for any debts due to the Council, and not the club (as a whole), unless the organisation is a limited company.

2. Public Liability Insurance – All clubs using Council facilities MUST hold public liability insurance to the sum of £2,000,000 as a minimum. No offer of a pitch allocation will be made unless a valid certificate of insurance is provided.

3. Email Address – Two valid email addresses are required in order that the hirer can be notified of any cancellations. Failure to provide two different email addresses, the application will not be accepted.

4. Keys – Keys will need to be collected and signed for.  There shall be two opportunities to collect keys for the pavilions, from the Council:

  • Monday 4 August 2014, 2pm–7pm (Queen's Park Cricket Pavilion)
  • Monday 11 August 2014, 2pm–7pm (Queen's Park Cricket Pavilion)                          

Loss of keys will result in an invoice being raised to pay for replacement keys and alarm fobs and even relocking of the building.

5. Net Pegs – All clubs are reminded about collecting ALL metal net pegs up after use, metal net pegs left lying about on the park has caused significant damage to mowing blades in previous seasons.

6. Litter and Anti-Social Behaviour – Clubs are reminded it is the home team's responsibility to collect all litter up from around the facility after use and make sure ALL players behave in a responsible manner. 

7. Late Applications – If you hired a pitch from Chesterfield Borough Council last season, and you return the application late, your pitch may be offered to another club. If the council offeres you a pitch and you fail to return the signed contract on time, your pitch may also be offered to another club. There is a great demand for our pitches, so get your applications in on time!

Football Terms and Conditions 2014–15 (pdf 83 KB)
Football Price List 2014–15 (pdf 53 KB)
Football Application Letter 2014–15 (pdf 70 KB)
Football Booking Form 2014–15 (pdf 83 KB)
Highfield Park Pitch Locations (pdf 124 KB)
Holmebrook Valley Park Pitch Locations (pdf 70 KB)

Last updated on 07 March 2016