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Recreational land opportunities

Recreational land opportunities

Are you looking for a new home for your club? Do you need some open space to undertake your activities?

Chesterfield Borough Council has a number of opportunities to hire land both on a short- or long-term basis across the borough. Chesterfield Borough Council believes that this is a great opportunity for local organisations, clubs or businesses to run their activities or even make a permanent home to operate from. 

Chesterfield Borough Council is flexible with what each area of land could be used for, but we would not expect any permanent buildings to be erected. Temporary structures may be accepted at certain locations, but this must be discussed and agreed with the council.

Chesterfield Borough Council has a wide variety of opportunities, so please take a look at the details below and see if any of the opportunities may suite your needs. Should you wish to discuss any of the opportunities further please contact:

William Thornhill
Telephone: 01246 345 127

** Please note, all areas available are outlined in RED on the maps ** 

Map of Hartington Playing Field (pdf 202 KB)
Map of Hornsbridge Former Allotments (pdf 372 KB)
Map of Norbriggs Playing Field (pdf 239 KB)
Map of Oxclose Plantation (pdf 292 KB)
Map of Plover Wood (pdf 256 KB)

Hartington playing field 

Type of land: Playing field (uneven and sloped)
Access with vehicles? Yes  
Is the land maintained by the council? Yes, mown regularly
Other information: Small car park adjacent to the field. There is a play area located on the field. 
Hire cost: Negotiable 

Hornsbridge (former allotments)

Type of land: Rough, overgrown 
Access with vehicles? Yes 
Is the land maintained by the council? No. Council would prepare the land for hire but it must be maintained by hirers.  
Other information: Close to the town centre. Good parking facilities near to the land.  
Hire cost: Negotiable 

Oxclose Plantation 

Type of land: Small woodland
Access with vehicles? No
Is the land maintained by the council?  No
Other information: Perfect for children's activities.
Hire cost: Negotiable 

Plover Wood

Type of land: Small woodland 
Access with vehicles? Yes, but very limited
Is the land maintained by the council? No  
Other information: Perfect for children's activities. Woodland is enclosed. 
Hire cost: Negotiable 

Somersall Park 

Type of land: Open playing fields (sloped, some uneven)
Access with vehicles? Limited 
Is the land maintained by the council? Yes, mown on a regular basis
Other information: Play area close to facility. Own car park, but numbers are limited.
Hire cost: Negotiable 

Norbriggs playing field 

Type of land: Enclosed playing fields (some uneven)
Access with vehicles? Yes 
Is the land maintained by the council? Yes, mown on a regular basis 
Other information: Hard standing for parking available.  

Queens Park Victorian conservatory 

Type of building: Secure permanent building located within the grounds of Queen's Park 
Access with vehicles? Yes 
Is the building maintained by the council?  Yes
Other information: Recently renovated, near the town centre. Currently no electricity in the building, but the council would consider allowing a user to install power. A fantastic building with lots of character that could suit a small business or organisation.
Hire cost: Negotiable 

Qp Conservatory 2

Last updated on 07 March 2016