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How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?

There are several ways to access walking for health.

In a group

Walking with a group will not only improve your health but will also enhance your social life.

As a volunteer

The free walk leader training takes just one day and gives volunteers the knowledge, skills and confidence to help people to achieve better health.

On your own

If group walking isn’t your thing, then you will find more information on how to take your first steps towards a more active lifestyle in this leaflet.

Other services

You can also loan a pedometer from the Chesterfield Library or selected GP surgeries to help you get motivated.

Chesterfield Borough Council and the Chesterfield Walk this Way Network Group will offer support to anyone who wants to set up a new Walking for Health group in the Chesterfield area. Telephone 01246 345 669 for more information.

Last updated on 07 March 2016