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Food hygiene rating scheme

Food hygiene rating scheme

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

We are part of the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, that helps you choose where to eat out or shop for food.

The scheme, run in partnership with the Food Standards Agency, gives you information about hygiene standards in restaurants, pubs, cafés, takeaways, hotels, and other places you eat out, as well as supermarkets and other food shops.

Our food safety officers inspect local food business premises to check that they are meeting legal requirements on food hygiene. The premises are given a hygiene rating between 0 and 5 that shows how well they are doing.

Why is the scheme important?

Telling you about hygiene standards in food outlets gives you greater choice; it also recognises businesses with the highest standards and encourages others to improve. The overall aim is to reduce the number of cases of food poisoning which currently affects about one million people in the UK every year.

Which businesses are given a rating?

Restaurants, takeaways, cafés, sandwich shops, pubs, hotels, supermarkets and other retail food outlets, as well as other businesses where consumers can eat or buy food, will be given a hygiene rating as part of the scheme.

How is the rating calculated?

Each business is given a rating following an inspection by a food safety officer. This is based on how well the business is meeting the requirements of food hygiene law at that time. In particular:

  • how hygienically the food is handled – safe food preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage
  • the condition of the structure of the premises – cleanliness, repair, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities
  • how food safety is managed and documented – using a system such as Safer food, better business or Safe Catering

The rating reflects the conditions found at the time of the last inspection and does not reflect the quality of food or the standards of service the business provides.

Food businesses are given one of six ratings, from 0 to 5.

Food Hygiene Ratings

  • 0 - urgent improvement necessary
  • 1 - major improvement necessary
  • 2 - improvement necessary
  • 3 - generally satisfactory
  • 4 - good
  • 5 - very good

All businesses should be able achieve the top rating of 5.

If a business does not achieve the top rating, the food safety officer will explain to the person that owns or manages the business what improvements are needed.

Where can I find the rating for a food business?

Food hygiene rating stickerYou can look up food hygiene ratings on the Food Standards Agency website.

You can search for ratings for food businesses in Chesterfield and anywhere else the scheme is being operated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Businesses are given a window sticker showing their rating and they are encouraged to display this in a place where you can easily see it when you visit; displaying the sticker is voluntary at the moment.

Find out more about the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Information for businesses

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If your business receives a rating of 2 or below, you will be revisited in accordance with our enforcement policy.

Our officers will continue to work with your business in a fair and consistent manner, until you meet the required standards to comply with the law. We will also try to help you meet your legal obligations without unnecessary expense.

These visits will not alter the rating of your business; they are to ensure you comply with the law. Once you meet the required standards you will be able to apply for a re-rating (fee of £170).

If your business still does not comply with the relevant standards enforcement action will be taken where necessary. This may mean prosecution when there is a serious breach of the law and when people act irresponsibly. This may result in a court appearance and if found guilty receiving a fine or even a prison sentence.

After an inspection, there's a 21 day period when you can appeal if you feel that the inspecting officer awarded you a rating that you feel is unfair.

If you make an appeal, we will respond within seven days. No food hygiene rating will be displayed until the appeal has been decided.

Find out more on the Food Standards Agency website.

If your inspection report only required minor improvements, once the necessary works have been carried out you can apply for your premises to be re-rated.

If your application is accepted, the fee for this service is £178, and the inspection will be carried out within four weeks of receiving your application and fee. 

Any visit that we do will be unannounced. The inspecting officer will not only check that the required improvements have been made, but will also assess the level of compliance that is found overall.  This means that the score could go up, down or remain the same.

There is no limit on the amount of re-assessment or rescore inspections a business can request.

For further information please contact our senior environmental health officer on 01246 345749.

Food hygiene rating re-visit application form Word (Word 169 KB)

Food businesses have a 'right to reply' which will be published on the Food Standards Agency website with the score. This gives them the opportunity to give an explanation of what's been done to put the problems right since the inspection. 

The text may be edited before being published on the website in order to remove any offensive, defamatory, clearly inaccurate or irrelevant remarks.

Find out more on the Food Standards Agency website.

Please return your completed form to:

Chesterfield Borough Council
Environmental health (food safety team)
Town Hall
Rose Hill
S40 1LP

Or by email to

The Food Standards Agency has lots of information about the appeals process, requesting a revisit and your right to reply.

Find out more on the Food Standards Agency website.



Last updated on 29 April 2020