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Safer Food Better Business

Safer Food Better Business

From January 2006 new EU food hygiene legislation has applied throughout the UK.

The legislation introduces a "farm to fork" approach to food safety, by including primary production (that is, farmers and growers) in food hygiene legislation, for the first time in the majority of cases.

Food businesses now have to implement and maintain a documented food management system to achieve compliance. The aim is to improve the hygiene standards in food premises across Europe, as well as reduce the levels of food poisoning.

Although the new requirements are European-wide, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched the Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) pack to help food businesses in England and Wales to stay within food safety law. The pack is a valuable tool in particular for small business as it does not include jargon, it is user friendly and it will keep changes to a minimum.

There are five different SFBB packs:

  • one for small catering businesses
  • one for small retail businesses
  • one for Chinese cuisine (also available in Traditional Chinese)
  • one for Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan cuisine
  • one for child minders

There is also an SFBB supplement for care homes who have chosen to use Safer Food Better Business as their food safety management system. All of the packs, including the diary refills, are available free of charge.

Using this pack will help your business to:

  • comply with the new regulations
  • show what you do to make food safely
  • train staff
  • protect your business' reputation
  • improve your business, for example, by wasting less food

You can download the pack here:

You can also get either of these packs by contacting any member of the council's Food Team on 01246 345345.

The Food Team at Chesterfield Borough Council has now developed two new packs to assist businesses comply with the legal requirement to document your food safety management system:

Food Safety for Home Bakers PDF (PDF 130 KB)
Food Safety for Small Retailers PDF (PDF 71 KB)

* For small retailers that do not prepare their own food but sell food that needs to be kept cold.

Last updated on 29 April 2020