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Map of PSPO areas

Use our map to find areas that will be covered by the dog control PSPO.

Choose an area from the list, or click on a pin to see details, including detailed maps of the areas covered. 

You can filter results by clicking on one of the categories:

Dogs on leads Dogs on leads only - areas where dogs are allowed provided they are kept on a lead; may be year round or seasonal.

Dogs excluded Dogs excluded - areas where dogs are not allowed, some or all of the time.

Please note - dogs are excluded all year round in areas marked in red (such as in children's play areas), or only between certain dates in areas marked in blue (such as during playing seasons on football or cricket pitches). 

Please click on a pin for more details, there may be more than one type of rule in each area.

You can move the map around and zoom in to see more detail and street names.

You can also switch to a satellite view or drag and drop the Google Pegman onto the map for a street view. 

Don't want to use the map?

You can find details of areas to be covered by the dog control PSPO here. 


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