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Transition Town

Transition Town

Transition Town Chesterfield is an exciting new community initiative aiming to make our town more resilient and sustainable.

Transition Town Chesterfield is a group of ordinary people looking for positive opportunities to relocalise the economy, cut our carbon emissions and rebuild communities.

The first stage is raising awareness and building a network in Chesterfield, so right now we’re busy organising a series of films and talks. The big idea is about "unleashing our collective genius" – lots of people working together, inspiring each other and making a real difference.

Transition Town has a small core group of volunteers guiding the process, and an expanding wider circle of supporters. We’d be delighted if you want to get more involved, as we are a completely independent community group and the project totally depends on ordinary people like you feeling inspired and deciding to do something. Here are some ideas to get started…

  • Come along to one of our events – we’re organising a programme of events in Chesterfield, including film screenings and talks. Watch out for messages on the yahoo group or give us a call to find out what’s on.
  • Have a look at, the website of the national Transition Network. You can find out loads more information about the Transition concept, read about people who are already doing it, take part in the forums and find links to other relevant sites.
  • Read the Transition Initiatives Primer – you can download it from the Transition Network website (or borrow a copy from someone who’s printed it out). It gives lots of information, guidance and practical advice about how a Transition initiative should work.
  • Visit the library – have a look at anything on peak oil, climate change, local economics, permaculture, renewable energy… Top reading is The Transition Handbook (now available in Organic Heaven).
  • Look at your own life – calculate your carbon footprint, figure out how you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. Is your house properly insulated? Do you drive to work? How far did the food travel to reach your plate? Do you need to learn some new skills?
  • Help the network grow – talk to your family and friends and find out what’s going on in your community. We want to celebrate what’s already happening locally and build new connections. Spread the word and get your networks involved.
  • Get active – if you have an idea for a practical project that you’d like to see happening, make it happen! We would love to support you in teaching knitting, creating a community orchard, salvaging bikes, setting up a car share system, running an event, etc. Tell us what you want to do and we’ll do what we can to help.
  • Go exploring – make a visit to an inspiring project – local or further afield – and tell us about what you find so we can all learn from what others are doing. Get in touch if you need ideas for places to check out.

Last updated on 18 March 2020