Customer service centre relocation

Customer service centre relocation

Customer Service Centre

Our Customer Service Centre (CSC) has relocated to the Town Hall – creating a one-stop-shop for a wider range of public services.

The relocation took place on 20 December 2023, and allows customers to access more public services in one location. 

The relocated Customer Services Centre is based on the ground floor of the Town Hall, with easy access via the main front steps or via the accessible side entrance.

85 New Square will be marketed for alternative uses and any future redevelopment of the site will be considered as part of the overall Town Centre regeneration plans.

Please note - there is no facilitiy to make payments at the new customer service centre.

Frequently asked questions

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Recent increases in the costs of energy, goods and services have placed a significant pressure on local authority budgets and as a result, officers have been undertaking a review of our premises to identify where possible changes could be made.

The relocation will protect and modernise face to face services and provide members of the public with access to a greater number of public services from Chesterfield Town Hall, whilst reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

Relocation of the Customer Service Centre will also enable the council to continue to maximise the use of its operational assets whilst reducing liability for ongoing maintenance and operational running costs at 85 New Square. 

£157k is the approximate cost of the relocation, and this will be paid for from the council’s capital programme so that customer facilities can continue to be provided.

On the ground floor of the Town Hall. Back-office staff will be accommodated in offices across other floors of the Town hall. 

The customer service centre moved to the Town Hall on 20 December.

There is no facility to make payments at the new customer service centre.

Residents will still be able to pay cash or use card for council services using PayPoint facilities in local shops or by using the Post Office network. There are five locations in Chesterfield Town Centre that can be used to pay cash for council services. You can find the nearest PayPoint location here.

You will need a barcode to pay at a PayPoint location - this is usually on your bill, letter, or invoice. You can also get a barcode here or contact our customer service team for more information.   

Yes, the easiest way to pay is by Direct Debit - ask the customer service team about the easiest way to do this.  

Payments can also be made by:

You can access the Town Hall via the main steps, or via the accessible ramped entrance on the east side of the building.

All services that were provided at 85 New Square have moved into the Town Hall, including all council revenue and benefits services, as well as licensing, planning, environmental services and housing services.

Although the Town Hall is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, the customer service centre is only open at the following times:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 9am to 2pm
  • Wedenesday - 10am to 2pm

We will be looking into the marketing of 85 New Square for potential sale or lease, ensuring that an appropriate buyer is found to use the building and / or land, in line with the town centre regeneration plans.

Financial savings can be achieved by relocating the CSC services into the Town Hall.

By moving the CSC, this will help to reduce running and maintenance costs in the current CSC building and will allow us to maximise the use of the space we have available in the Town Hall.

It will also benefit customers, reduce our energy costs and reduce or remove other building maintenance costs.

This proposal supports the council’s ambition to become a carbon neutral organisation. It will reduce energy use and will continue to facilitate agile working.  The proposal also looks to reuse materials where possible, reducing the need to buy goods and services. 

The relocation will allow customers to access more public services in one location.  The council’s own customer service centre will be delivered alongside Chesterfield Register Office, and Chesterfield Coroner’s Office and Court on the ground floor of the Town Hall. 

Members of the public can also access Links CVS, Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centre and the Derbyshire Law Centre when visiting the Town Hall.

Last updated on 20 December 2023