Customer service performance, improvement and customer satisfaction

Customer service performance, improvement and customer satisfaction

We want you to be happy with the service we provide to you.

We regularly monitor our performance and the quality of our service, set ourselves high standards, and give you the opportunity to tell us how we are doing.

Our promise

We want to give you an excellent customer service no matter how you contact us. Our promise sets out our standards for dealing with our customers face-to-face and over the phone, and explains the processes for feeding back your experiences.

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Our Promise PDF (PDF 123 KB)

Call quality monitoring

On a regular basis we monitor calls, chosen at random, to ensure that our high standards are maintained and to find out how we can improve. 

Call Quality Monitoring March 2021 PDF (PDF 315 KB)

Our performance

We publish our performance statistics online as part of our commitment to providing an open and transparent service.

Contact Centre Performance Statistics (PDF) PDF (PDF 98 KB)
Interview Waiting Times 2019 PDF (PDF 85 KB)

Customer satisfaction

We take complaints seriously and use them as an opportunity to listen to the views of our customers and see how our services can be improved. We also welcome any comments or compliments received about the services that the council provides.

Find out how you can send us a comment, compliment or complaint.

Customer surveys

If you have contacted the council recently, we may ask you for feedback on your experience to help us improve the services we provide. You may receive a phone call or a text message inviting you to complete a short survey; we very much appreciate the time you take to give us your opinions.

Customer Service Centre Satisfaction Statistics PDF (PDF 118 KB)

Customer Service Excellence 

We have signed up to the Customer Service Excellence standard, which helps public organisations like us provide effective and efficient services, with customers needs at the heart of everything they do. 

In 2013 we achieved the Customer Service Excellence standard and have worked hard to retain our accreditation, and improve our service to you, year on year. 

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Last updated on 14 February 2023