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Beware council tax refund fraudsters

Phone ScamLocal residents are being warned of a phone scam operating locally this Christmas.

Fraudsters, claiming to work for the 'council tax refund team', contact householders to offer them a refund of their council tax payments.

The scammers advise that the resident's council tax band has been reduced, and for a fee (£80 or so) they will arrange a refund of any overpayment to the bill payer, offerings figures of hundreds or thousands of pounds.

This is clearly a scam. If we recalculate your bill we will either send you a refund automatically or contact you in writing to arrange to return any overpayment. We would certainly never charge a fee to return any money due to you.

One of our residents recently received one of these calls from 03332123132, which is a known nuisance number, but calls may come from other numbers too.

If you receive a call like this, just hang up and don't give over any bank or personal details to the caller, however tempting the offer may seem.

Derbyshire Police have advice on how to guard against scams and how you can report fraud to them. See more on the Derbyshire Police website.

First published on 21 December 2016 Last updated on 31 October 2017