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Chesterfield general election candidates announced

The candidates standing for the Chesterfield constituency in the general election have been announced.

Candidates standing are:

  • Stuart Flintoff Bent (UKIP)
  • Matthew Toby Perkins (Lab)
  • Spencer Simpson Pitfield (Con)
  • Tom Snowdon (LD)
  • David John Wadsworth (Green).

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 8 June.

Residents will receive a poll card with details of their polling station. They do not need to bring this with them to vote.

Residents already registered to vote do not need to register again. Anyone who has not already registered to vote can register by visiting:

The closing date to register to vote in the general election is Monday 22 May.

First published on 11 May 2017 Last updated on 07 July 2017