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Chesterfield residents reminded to recycle electricals

small appliances stacked on blue bin

Residents in the Chesterfield borough area are being reminded that they can easily recycle small household electricals – without leaving their home.

Derbyshire County Council, together with Chesterfield Borough Council, have launched a campaign to encourage residents to recycle unwanted small electricals by placing them on top of their blue recycling bin lid on collection day.

Residents that do not have a blue recycling bin can take their unwanted electrical items to Chesterfield Household Waste Recycling Centre on Stonegravels Lane, off Sheffield Road.

The campaign includes a bin sticker and leaflet designed to make residents think twice before throwing electrical items away.

Electrical items contain a range of materials – including precious metals such as gold – that can be separated for recycling and used in new products. But currently many of these resources are wasted. For instance, around one tonne of gold ends up in UK landfill sites each year.

Derbyshire County Council's cabinet member for highways, transport and infrastructure, Councillor Dean Collins, said: "More than half of the small electrical items purchased in the UK are currently thrown away instead of being recycled.

"Waste that ends up in people's non-recycling bins costs council tax-payers in Derbyshire more than £20 million per year – money that could be spent on other vital services at a time when we’re getting less money from central government."

Councillor Chris Ludlow, cabinet member for health and wellbeing at Chesterfield Borough Council, said: "It’s important we make recycling small electrical items as easy as possible for residents without them having to even leave their home.

"We hope the campaign will encourage people to recycle more."

The first stickers and leaflets will be distributed from 16 November and all Chesterfield Borough residents with a blue bin will receive information in the coming weeks. 

Items that residents can put out with their blue bin include:

  • alarm clocks
  • blenders
  • CD players
  • fairy lights
  • coffee makers
  • docking stations
  • electric toothbrushes
  • fans
  • game consoles
  • hairdryers
  • hedge cutters
  • irons
  • kettles
  • lamps
  • laptops
  • phones
  • power tools
  • printers
  • radios
  • sat navs
  • shavers
  • slow cookers
  • straighteners
  • tablets
  • toasters

More information about what can and cannot be recycled can be found on the council's website or by calling Chesterfield Borough Council on 01246 345 345.

Please remove personal data from items such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

Larger household items such as washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, fridge-freezers, PCs, microwaves, and TVs can be recycled at any of Derbyshire County Council's household waste recycling centres. Visit for more information.

Residents are also encouraged to pass on suitable working items by giving them to friends and family, advertising them on exchange websites such as Freegle or Freecycle, or giving them to charities and re-use projects which accept electrical items. 

Visit to search for charity shops and re-use projects in Derbyshire or call 01629 538 120.

The sticker and leaflet have been funded by retailers to help customers recycle electrical items.

First published on 11 November 2015 Last updated on 31 October 2016