Coronavirus (COVID-19) - how it is affecting our services


Coronavirus outbreak: Chesterfield Borough Council services update - 15 April

Throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Chesterfield Borough Council has been responding to new requirements and updating the services provided in line with the latest Government guidance. The council is also working to support the local community and redeploying staff to help this effort.

All of the latest service-related updates can be found in the dedicated coronavirus information hub.

Redeploying staff

Chesterfield Borough Council has been busy reprioritising and reorganising staff resources to ensure essential services are maintained and to deliver additional community response activity to support our residents and businesses at this difficult time.

In the community, staff have been redeployed in support of local pharmacies to deliver medicines to residents’ homes, have made regular food parcel deliveries to those in need, and are working with local community groups and charities to support a range of activities. Staff have also been redeployed around the council to support the rollout of small business grants, to work at the crematorium and to help ensure the Careline service can keep running for the benefit of the borough’s elderly residents.

Councillor Tricia Gilby, leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, said: “I’m proud of the way our staff have quickly responded to this crisis and the way in which they are continuing to adapt to new roles and responsibilities as required. It’s really important that we use all our resources to effectively support the local community and any residents who may require additional support, especially those who are particularly vulnerable at this time.”

Staff have been learning new skills in order to support essential service delivery. For example, some of the Town Hall’s clerical staff are now working at the crematorium where they are assisting by helping to run services and providing administrative support.

Members of the housing repairs team have been using council vehicles to support the delivery service of several local pharmacies. This small team has delivered around 650 prescriptions in the last week and will continue to assist pharmacies and their customers for the foreseeable future.

The council has also redeployed staff to support its Careline service. Careline supports around 2500 residents, many of whom are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. The service has handled more than 40 call outs because of slips and falls in the last week. The falls recovery service helps to reduce the number of non-injured fallers being referred to the emergency services, which in turn reduces the pressure on the NHS.

Careline staff have also been working closely with local food banks to identify those in need of support and are helping deliver food parcels to vulnerable residents. The service has also been contacting around 200 residents a day to check on their wellbeing and to help them to obtain further support via the Derbyshire-wide Community Response Unit. To access help from the Derbyshire Community Response Unit please call 01629 535091 or register on the Community Response Unit website. 

The council, and its staff, are committed to continuing to ensure that essential services are still delivered, as well as working with partners to maximise additional support to our communities


The council is appealing to residents to think about their neighbours and refrain from starting bonfires in their garden.

Smoke from bonfires can have a negative impact upon people’s health, particularly for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. With people confined to their homes it means smoke is more likely to present a nuisance to others.  Bonfires also have the potential to get out of control quickly, which could place an unnecessary burden on the emergency services.

Whilst recycling centres are closed across the county, Chesterfield Borough Council is continuing to collect garden waste in order to stop this building up in people’s gardens and this should reduce the need to hold bonfires.

Enforcement action could be taken against any persistent offenders where bonfires cause a nuisance to neighbours.


Chesterfield Borough Council is working closely with partners in the police and the County Council’s trading standards team to enforce the restrictions set out in the Coronavirus Business Closure Regulations.

Whilst there is evidence of excellent compliance across the borough, the council will investigate and take enforcement action against licenced premises like pubs and takeaways that choose to open or flout social distancing guidelines.

Enforcement will range from informal warnings and advice to forced closures with Police support, as well as licensing hearings and prosecutions should businesses continue to breach the new closure regulations.

If you have concerns about a licenced premises, you can report these to the council by calling 01246 345345 or emailing You can report other retail outlets to trading standards by emailing Outside of office hours please report these premises to the police by calling 101.

First published on 15 April 2020 Last updated on 16 April 2020