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Council prosecutes rogue landlord for a second time

A rogue landlord in Chesterfield has received a hefty fine for a second time in a prosecution brought by Chesterfield Borough Council after continuing to put her tenants at risk.

Rasa Zubaviciute, 45, of Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, was convicted of offences relating to the condition of a property she owns and lets in St Margaret’s Drive Chesterfield.

Prosecution 2Zubaviciute had been convicted of the offences at Derby Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced by Chesterfield Magistrates Court on Monday 24 June for failing to comply with two Improvement Notices served by Chesterfield Borough Council.

Prosecution 3

The court was particularly concerned about Ms Zubaviciute’s failure to comply with the second improvement notice, which had been served in response to an electrical report showing potentially dangerous defects that placed both the occupants and neighbouring properties at risk.

The court also noted that her previous conviction in August 2018 had also related to failure to provide electrical certificates.

Zubaviciute was ordered to pay a total of £5684.91.

Help and advice for private tenants and landlords is available from the council’s private sector housing team by calling (01246) 345748 or by emailing:

General advice for tenants is also available on the Citizens Advice website.

First published on 15 July 2019 Last updated on 23 September 2019