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Court upholds seizure of speakers from nuisance neighbour

A court has upheld that Chesterfield Borough Council was right to confiscate speakers from a resident who was causing distress to his neighbours by repeatedly playing loud music.

Stephen Yates of 8 Grove Way, Chesterfield, pleaded guilty in his absence to causing a noise nuisance at a hearing at Chesterfield Justice Centre on Wednesday 27 April.

Yates had previously been served a Noise Abatement Order by the council following complaints from neighbours about the noise caused by playing music loudly.

His speakers were seized by council officers after he repeatedly broke the terms of the order.

Magistrates granted a confiscation order meaning that the speakers will not be returned.

Yates was also ordered to pay £200 in fines and costs.

Councillor Chris Ludlow, Chesterfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for health and wellbeing said: “Noisy and nuisance neighbours can be a real problem for our residents.

“In this case, the court recognised that our officers had tried to work with Sephen Yates to resolve the problem but he chose to ignore the steps that were put in place, which is why his property was confiscated.

“We will take all reports of noise nuisance seriously and will continue to take enforcement action where necessary.”

More information on how to deal with noise nuisance is available here: Noise nuisance 

First published on 28 April 2016 Last updated on 12 May 2017