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Derbyshire County Council election results in Chesterfield

Voters in Chesterfield have taken to the polls to elect their representatives on Derbyshire County Council for the next four years.

The turnout was 33.96 per cent

Successful candidates by ward:

  • Birdholme: Dave Allen (Lab)
  • Boythorpe and Brampton South: Ron Mihaly (Lab)
  • Brimington: Stuart Brittain (Lab)
  • Loundsley Green and Newbold: Mick Wall (Lab)
  • Spire: Sharon Lesley Blank (Lab)
  • St Mary’s: Jean Mary Innes (Labour/Co-op
  • Staveley: Helen Ann Elliott (Lab)
  • Staveley North and Whittington: Barry Bingham (LD)
  • Walton and West: John David Lee Boult (Con)

Number of seats held by each party:

  • Labour: seven seats
  • Conservative: one seat
  • Liberal Democrat: one seat.

That is a loss of one seat by Labour and a gain of one seat to the Conservatives.

The full results of the Chesterfield divisions in the Derbyshire County Council elections are available on our elections page.

Elections to Derbyshire County Council were held in each district or borough in Derbyshire with the exception of Derby City. The Conservatives have taken control of the county council with 37 seats. Labour won 24 seats and the Liberal Democrats have three seats.


First published on 05 May 2017 Last updated on 07 July 2017