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European election 23 May 2019

An election for European Members of Parliament took place on 23 May 2019.

Voters got to choose who represents the United Kingdom in the European Parliament, a process that happens once every five years.

Members of the European Parliament are in place to both represent and defend the country’s interests in the EU decision-making process.

The election of five seats in the East Midlands region was held on Thursday (23 May).

Find more about the East Midlands candidates here.

The count results for the East Midlands region will be collated by Kettering Borough Council at Kettering Conference Centre on Sunday 26 May and the regional results will be available to view here when finalised

The regional declaration cannot take place until all 40 regions in the East Midlands have been able to announce their own results. These announcements will take place after 10pm. Although the exact time the regional result will be available is unknown at this time.

First published on 22 May 2019 Last updated on 24 May 2019