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Keeping our tenants safe from fire risk

Action taken by Chesterfield Borough Council to further improve its fire safety procedures for tenants following the Grenfell Tower tragedy has proved a success.

The council’s cabinet received a report outlining the actions that have been undertaken since revisions were made to the fire management policy which the council put in place following the Grenfell tragedy in June 2017 where 78 residents lost their lives.

Since the policy was updated in October last year, the council has carried out work including: replacing fire doors, carrying out repairs, carrying out new fire risk assessments and producing a leaflet offering advice to tenants on reducing their fire risk.

During the last year, the policy was tested when three small fires broke out in council homes – each was contained.

Councillor Helen Bagley, Chesterfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for homes and customers, said: “After the appalling fire at Grenfell Tower in London last year, tenants approached us with concerns for their safety so we reviewed all our fire safety procedures to make sure they were robust.

“Although we found that we already had the correct procedures in place we wanted to go over and above that and take extra precautions by bringing in more preventative measures.

"Chesterfield does not have any blocks of flats above five storeys, meaning that a fire could not happen on the same scale as seen at Grenfell and that people could be rescued by ladder unlike in some tower blocks.

“Since we carried out that work there have been three small fires in council homes. In all cases the fires were contained which shows that the fire safety measures are fit for purpose.”

The fire risk assessments are available to view on the fire risk assessments section of our website

First published on 22 November 2018 Last updated on 22 November 2018