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Motion to declare a climate change emergency

A motion was agreed at Chesterfield Borough Council’s full council meeting last night (17 July) to declare a climate change emergency in the borough.

Deputy Leader Councillor Amanda Serjeant proposed the motion in front of councillors, school children and members of the public, emphasising this is an issue the council needs to provide leadership on across the borough.  

Twenty students from both Brookfield Community School and Parkside Community School were invited to attend the meeting after voicing their concern about the impact of climate change on our environment.  

Deputy Leader With StudentsChesterfield Borough Council’s deputy leader Councillor Amanda Serjeant said: “I am delighted that the motion was accepted by my fellow councillors. By declaring a climate emergency in the full council meeting we as a council hope to show leadership in this important issue for our community.

“A working group will be set up including representatives from the council, community and business to establish how we can work together to make a real difference in our community.

"Tackling the effects of climate change is a key priority for the council. Therefore, I proposed the motion which will guide the future direction of the council to reduce its carbon footprint and to help others in Chesterfield work towards reducing their carbon use. I’d like to thank all the members of the public who came to hear the debate.

“Tackling this is very much about everyone making a difference. We can all do our bit as individuals, employees, within local businesses and in the voluntary sector. This way we can have the maximum impact and protect our environment together.”

First published on 18 July 2019 Last updated on 29 April 2020