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Small increase in Council Tax amid more Government cuts

Councillors have agreed a small increase in the amount residents pay in Council Tax to Chesterfield Borough Council as the council continues to face cuts in funding from the Government.

Since 2015, the council has lost £1.9 million each year in funding from the Government and faces a further cut of £425,000 in the coming financial year.

Although the council has seen increased business rates revenue on the back of its priority activity to support business growth, improved income performance as a result of the investments it has made at the Pomegranate and Winding Wheel Theatres, and new revenue from renting out office space in the Town Hall, it has been necessary to increase the amount that the majority of residents pay in Council Tax to Chesterfield Borough Council by an amount that equates to 6.4p per week.

Most households in Chesterfield borough live in band A properties, and will see the amount they pay for Chesterfield Borough Council services increase from £106.59 to £109.93 from April; households living in band D properties will see an increase from £159.89 to £164.89.

Councillor Tricia Gilby, Chesterfield Borough Council’s leader, said: “Deciding to increase Council Tax by any amount is not something that we consider lightly, especially when we know how many of our residents are struggling to make ends meet but given the Government’s continued austerity drive, we really have no other option if we are going to continue to provide facilities and services of the quality that our residents and businesses have a right to expect.

“The council’s staff work hard, day in, day out, to provide more than 50 services to our residents, which includes emptying your bins, keeping our streets clean, providing award-winning parks and open spaces, operating sports and cultural venues and making sure that people’s health and wellbeing is protected through our food safety, planning and licensing activities.

“The majority of our households will receive all of these services in 2019/20 for just £2.11 per week, which I believe still represents good value for money.”
Although Chesterfield Borough Council collects Council Tax, the council keeps only 10 per cent of the money collected. The remainder goes to:

  • 74 per cent going to Derbyshire County Council to fund services including education, highways, libraries, children’s services and adult social care
  • 12 per cent goes to Derbyshire Police
  • The remaining four per cent goes to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue.

Residents in Brimington will also pay Council Tax to Brimington Parish Council and residents in Staveley will also pay Council Tax to Staveley Town Council.

Chesterfield Borough Council has no control over the increases in Council Tax made by other authorities.

First published on 28 February 2019 Last updated on 28 February 2019