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Take action to support recycling in your area

Chesterfield residents are doing their bit to protect the environment by recycling their waste.

Each year, however, a number of bins are not able to be collected when they are found to contain the wrong items or when items have been put in plastic bags. When this happens the bins cannot be emptied for recycling, unless the wrong items are removed. This material may then have to be disposed of instead which results in a higher cost to taxpayers and less being recycled.

Michael Brymer, Commercial Services Manager at Chesterfield Borough Council, said: “Chesterfield Borough Council’s target is to recycle 50 per cent of waste collected in the borough by 2020 and local people can help to make this a reality by following a few simple steps to put the correct waste and recycling in the correct bins, which includes not placing plastic bags in recycling bins.” 

In 2017/2018, 39,200 tonnes of waste was collected in the borough and 46.3 per cent of this was recycled and composted. The remaining 53.7 per cent was sent for disposal.

The majority of households in the borough have a blue bin for their recycling with a black box/caddy insert for glass bottles and jars. Glass has to be kept separate as it goes to a different place for recycling. 

Most properties with gardens also have a green bin for the collection of garden waste and food waste (cooked and raw).

The list below highlights what can and cannot go in the recycling bins. Please make sure to put items in loose - not in bags, rinse food and drink containers and to squash plastic bottles to help save space.

Yes please:

  • Plastic bottles e.g. milk and drinks, shampoo, bleach and cleaning products (remove lids and place in loose).
  • Plastic pots and tubs e.g. yoghurt pots, margarine, ice cream, clean plant pots
  • Plastic food trays and punnets e.g. raw meat trays, fruit punnets
  • Drinks cans and food tins
  • Chocolate and biscuit tins (plastic and metal)
  • Clean scrunched aluminium foil and food trays
  • Empty aerosols
  • Metal lids from jars and bottles
  • Card and corrugated cardboard (flattened)
  • Newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogues and directories like phone books
  • Junk mail
  • Envelopes (no need to tear out any envelope windows)
  • Greetings cards and wrapping paper (no glitter, tape and plastic)
  • Glass bottles and jars (should be kept separate in the black plastic box/hessian sack or in a separate bin at communal properties).

No thanks:

  • Plastic bags e.g. carrier bags and food wrappings of any kind
  • Plastic film e.g. bubble wrap, magazine wrapping, lids from food trays
  • Polystyrene e.g. packaging and trays
  • Crisp packets and wrappers
  • Other plastic items, e.g. buckets or toys
  • Drinks  and  food cartons (Tetra Paks) e.g. fruit juice cartons  
  • Foil pouches e.g. pet food and coffee
  • Clothes and bedding
  • Nappies, pet waste and general waste

Find out more about recycling here.  

First published on 15 May 2019 Last updated on 11 June 2019