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Taxi driver’s licence suspended after taking illegal fare

Chesterfield residents are reminded that they may be taking risks with their safety by taking a private hire taxi without booking in advance.

This comes as the driver of a private hire vehicle had his licence suspended by Chesterfield Borough Council’s appeals and regulatory committee on Wednesday 18 May after he picked up an unsolicited fare.

Mushtag Din, 56, of Grasmere Close in Newbold was in his private hire vehicle the early hours of 13 March when he picked up a man who had been drinking in Ringwood Road, Brimington.

Because the fare had not been booked in advance, Din was committing a criminal offence and put himself and the passenger at risk because he was not insured in the event of an accident.

Councillor Andy Bellamy, Chesterfield Borough Council’s chair of the appeals and regulatory committee, said: “All drivers of private hire taxis in Chesterfield are aware of the rules that mean they cannot pick up passengers without a booking – this is illegal and highly unsafe.

“We take the safety of our residents very seriously and this is why we have taken action.”

“Rather than take the man in his cab, he should have either contacted his base and requested a Hackney cab or called the police if he had concerns for the man’s safety because the man was worse the wear for drink.”

Din received 12 penalty points on his licence for the incident and had previously received nine penalty points for unrelated offences, making a total of 21 points in a 36 month period.

The committee determined that his licence should be suspended for one month.

First published on 19 May 2016 Last updated on 12 May 2017