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VIDEO: Have a 'wheely' exciting time

The Chesterfield Wheel is now open for business. The 60 metre high observation wheel has 40 gondolas which will give visitors stunning views of Chesterfield and the countryside of surrounding areas. Each ride lasts for 13 minutes and involves two cycles of the wheel. 

The wheel has been brought to the town centre by Chesterfield Borough Council in partnership with operator Mellors Group Events and will operate daily until Sunday 11 March.

Tickets for the ride can be bought online at and also at the site in Chesterfield Market Place after the ride opens.

Councillor Steve Brunt, Chesterfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for town centre and visitor economy, said: “Since the construction of the wheel began this week it has created a real stir in the town. It is already a landmark you can see for miles around. 

“It is a real coup to get this ride in Chesterfield because it normally operates from big city sites. 

“We are already getting really positive comments from the businesses and traders in the area who say that even during the construction they have had more customers who have been drawn in by the sight of it being built. Once the ride opens we are sure it will prove a real boost to the economy and a welcome attraction for visitors.”

James Mellors junior, director of the Mellors Group, said: “This is our first time in Chesterfield and we are really excited to bring this wheel here. We are sure that residents and visitors will come out in large numbers to enjoy the experience.

“The 360 degree views that you can see from the top of the wheel are something special that have to be seen to be believed.

“We are even planning a special treat on Valentine’s Day when the wheel will be lit up with a red heart and lights.”

The company has installed the wheel to meet all safety standards.

James added: “This is a £5 million ride that we have been operating in some of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK and abroad since 2009, including Hyde Park for the royal wedding celebrations and the annual winter wonderland. It has been in Liverpool for the Liverpool One shopping centre opening, in London for the Olympic Games celebrations, in Leeds and in Zurich. In addition to rides like this we operate Fantasy Island at Skegness and in Dubai.

“At every site we go to our safety record is impeccable and the same team has been involved in installing the wheel in Chesterfield as has done it at all those sites. 

“The wheel sits on heavy duty sleepers because that is the most suitable material to support the weight of the wheel for a cobbled area like in Chesterfield.  

“Before the ride opens it has to undergo stringent safety checks and we also carry out a full range of safety checks every day before any passengers get on.”

Councillor Steve Brunt added: “Mellors Group is the biggest name in the UK outdoor attractions industry and as you would expect for a company of their stature they have carried out all the required health and safety checks, completed all the paperwork and put everything in place to ensure public safety so that everyone can just enjoy the experience.” 

Ticket prices are:

  • Adults £6
  • Concessions for adults or people with disabilities £5
  • Children (under 1.4 metres) £4

For more information or to book advance tickets, including special and VIP tickets, visit 

First published on 07 February 2018 Last updated on 13 November 2018