Condensation tips

Condensation tips

Top tips on how to keep your home free from condensation

Having mould in your property can be unsightly and – if left without being managed or controlled – can damage your health and your home.


  • Use lids on pans when cooking
  • Close your bathroom and kitchen doors to prevent steam going into other rooms
  • Open windows and use extractor fans after cooking or bathing
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors, especially on radiators
  • Ensure your tumble dryer is ventilated correctly to the outside of your home
  • Prevent steam when filling your bath by part filling it with cold water and topping it up using the hot water
  • Don’t push wardrobes right up to the walls
  • Don’t cover air bricks or vents
  • Open windows regularly to circulate air around your home
  • Wipe down damp surfaces such as windows and glass
  • Keep your home well heated, set your heating thermostat on low to provide constant background heat
  • Reduce heating in the rooms you don’t use but keep them warm and ventilated
  • Dehumidifiers won’t completely prevent condensation but will help control the moisture which causes it

The health and wellbeing of our tenants is a priority and we take all reports of damp and mould seriously, with our dedicated team working with tenants to try and resolve issues as quickly as we can.


Council tenants should report mould in their home

If you are a council tenant and have mould in your home, please report this as soon as possible by:

Last updated on 31 December 2021