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Home insurance for council tenants

Home insurance for council tenants

Although we look after the home you live in, we do not insure the contents of your home.

To protect your furniture, electrical appliances, valuables and other belongings from theft, fire or water damage etc., you should have your own home contents insurance – otherwise you will be in real danger of being left with all the cost of replacing your home contents in the event of an incident. 

A home contents insurance policy will cover you for damage or loss of items such as furniture, electrical equipment, clothes and jewellery.

We strongly recommend that all our council tenants to take out home contents insurance, either by making their own arrangements or by joining our home contents insurance scheme.

Home contents insurance scheme for council tenants

We offer a specialist, affordable home contents insurance policy designed specifically for council tenants and arranged through major insurance company Allianz Insurance PLC.

As a council tenant, this policy will enable you to:

  • pay premiums weekly with your rent
  • set your own sum insured from £9,000 (£6,000 for over 60s) up to a maximum of £35,000 
  • have no excess to pay in the event of a claim
  • have no renewal date–this is a "rolling" policy

There are several different cover options to choose from, so you can have the insurance cover that suit your needs while at the same time remaining affordable.

You must keep up to date with your payments or your policy will be cancelled, leaving you uninsured.

If you receive housing benefit, the insurance premium payments will not be included as part of your housing benefit entitlement. You will need to make payments from your own finances to avoid your policy being cancelled.

How to apply

To join the home contents insurance scheme you will need to complete an application form.

Application form - Pay As You Go Home Contents Insurance (pdf 381 KB)
Policy wording - Pay As You Go Home Contents Insurance (pdf 216 KB)
Important Customer Information Document (pdf 106 KB)
Insurance Product Information Document (pdf 120 KB)
Thistle Insurance Services Complaints Policy (pdf 110 KB)

Send your completed application form to our insurance team (details below). They will contact you directly within ten working days of receiving your application.

Making a claim on your policy

To make a claim on your home contents insurance policy please contact the insurance team, who will supply you with a claim form.

Cancelling or changing your policy

To cancel or change your home contents insurance policy please contact the council's insurance team.

You will be asked to supply the following information:

  • your full name
  • your full address
  • details of the changes you want to make

The basis of your home contents insurance contract is the information you have supplied, including the declaration which you will have checked and signed to confirm the information you have provided on your application is correct.

If any of the information you have provided on your application changes you must let us know, as it could affect the validity of your insurance cover. For example, you should inform us of the following:

  • change of address
  • leaving your home unoccupied for more than 35 days
  • adding significantly to the value of your belongings
  • receiving a criminal record

Replacement policy documents

When you take out a policy you will receive a letter containing details of your insurance cover and policy wording. If you lose it, you can request a replacement copy from our insurance team. 

Contact details

Chesterfield Borough Council Insurance Team
Town Hall
Rose Hill
S40 1LP

Phone: 01246 345 467

Last updated on 25 January 2019